Bachelor Degree Programs

The world needs trained ministers, educators, and leaders with correct theology more than ever! The bachelor degree programs of FFCU are designed to provide students a solid foundation in Bible and in practical ministry so they are equipped in a variety of careers.

BA Church Ministry

A ministry degree from FFCU may be a part of the destiny for which God has called you. By adding specific emphasis, a student can use his or her church ministry degree to be prepared in one of many professions.

Education Program

The BA Education program of FFCU is designed to equip those who are called to the ministry of education in Christian Schools around the world, to teach children or youth, to administrate Christian schools, to begin and/or work in orphanages, or to focus on children or youth ministry.

Organizational Leadership Program

Leadership with a Biblical Worldview.

Lead with integrity and faithfulness in business, politics, non-profits, and more. This is an hour when the world needs more of Christ in every aspect of society, and we believe this degree will equip students to do just that.

Become a leader who knows how to develop other leaders

ADVANCE Degree Completion Programs

FFCU offers two specific degree-completion programs for those students who have started degrees but have not completed them. Adults who started college but were unable to finish a degree will be able to complete a degree in about two years

Certificate of Worship Ministry

Certificate of Church Ministry

All Nations College

All Nations College brings to the FFCU family a distinct apostolic emphasis that is lived out by the Rock Tribe International and a specific emphasis on helping each student grow into Christ’s likeness

Looking for Graduate or Doctor programs?

We know there are many believers today who are seeking to be trained in this atmosphere, and you are probably one of them! At Global Awakening Theological Seminary, each degree program includes a blend of Bible Foundations courses, Ministry Foundation courses, Bible and ministry electives, Revival History courses, and Practicum and Thesis capstone courses.