Student Ministries


The development of a student’s relationship with the Lord Jesus is the highest priority at Family of Faith Christian University. In order to emphasize this, the Spiritual Formation program must be completed by all FFCU students as a part of their degree program. For traditional, on-campus students, the requirements will involve participating in Morning Prayer time and in the Christian Service program. For distance-education students, the requirements involve the completion of various spiritual life projects.


Morning Prayer is a time to unite hearts in prayer and faith to believe for God’s presence, power, and provision and to intercede for His Kingdom to expand in all the earth. Participation in Morning Prayer is a direct response to one’s relationship with God. Therefore, all students attending Family of Faith Christian University are required to attend Morning Prayer on the specified days and times as announced during orientation. No more than 20% of the days can be missed, and an absence should only be the result of an illness or an unavoidable situation. If a student is more than 15 minutes late, he will be considered absent. When a student is tardy three times, it will count as one absence. Students must pass Morning Prayer each term to graduate. Students who are consistently late or absent will be counseled and disciplined in order to achieve the intimacy with God that is required of a productive laborer in the Kingdom of God.


The student ministry program at FFCU is designed to reinforce Biblical principles taught in classrooms and gives students a practical outlet to live those principles. Through Christian service, students are equipped to be mature in spirit, soul, and body, and to be ready for ministry upon graduation. The Christian service program gives students a real world outlet to be salt and light while valuing the expression of Christ in the local church. Through the Christian service program, students are given a major relative ministry in the local church or community. While applying practical and spiritual teaching, students are allowed to express what they are learning in the classroom environment. Based on the idea of servant leadership, students express themselves by serving ministries and the local church in all areas available. Through these opportunities, we believe that students develop into mature leaders in the Body of Christ while being able to think creatively from their experience in real church ministry. By working in teams and placing students in Christian service, students develop character traits that ministries find attractive when searching for staff. By placing an emphasis on both spiritual maturity and a servant’s heart, students develop the character of Christ while allowing themselves to be led by the Holy Spirit in personal ministry.


Students are occasionally invited to go on mission trips during a school term. Faculty and administrators desire to enable students to participate in mission trips since they are excellent opportunities for training, impartation, and experience. Students need to recognize the added burden a trip like this places upon one’s studies, finances, and personal life. Any student who wants to go on a mission trip should first seek to be faithful in course work, prayer, service, finances, and conduct. As soon as a trip is planned, a student must make application in writing to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. After the absences are approved, the student must complete the required form indicating each instructor’s approval and the make up dates of any missed examinations or course work. The general rule is that any assignment already indicated in a course syllabus must be completed before the student leaves, while missed examinations will be made up within one week of the student’s return. Students representing the university on the foreign mission field are expected to display diligence and godly character before, during, and after the trip. In general, students in their first year of university are not encouraged to go on mission trips that exceed five class days.